From Father Haddock, Denison, TX:


I want everyone to know that Pin Oaks Kennel is truly a wonderful place to have your best friend taken care of and trained. They were truly a life saver for me. Over a year ago I adopted a pup from the pound that turned out to be more than I could handle. Then, when I was injured and laid up for a long time, Scott, Alice and the crew at Pin Oaks stepped in and took Gracie. They socialized her and gave her training on how to behave as a good dog. By the time I was able to take her back she was a different little girl, although not so little but certainly sweet and affectionate. I am eternally thankful to them for all their help. She is truly a wonderful companion and does mind now at least most of the time. I highly recommend these wonderful people for all your needs with your pets.

From the Livingstons, Dallas, TX:

Happy Pin Oak Kennel customers Skippy, Turbo, Rooney and their family.

At Pin Oak Kennels you get the wisdom of a very experienced staff that kindly offers advise and suggestions. They are there to help in all areas of your dog's life. I simply don't know what we would do without them.
Lorie, Dallas, TX